Movie Health is mental health services startup AJ Kennedy to explore and design new ways to use the power of movies to support the continuum of mental health and wellness.

Movie Health is not a healthcare company. Please see the Medical Disclaimer, Website Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions provided in the footer of this website.

The term Movie Therapy, also known as Film/Cinematherapy, was first coined by Dr Gary Solomon (aka The Movie Doctor).

Movie Therapy is an evidence-based therapy where a person watches a movie or series of clips and then uses themes and metaphors from the medium to explore mental health challenges with a healthcare professional.

Movie Therapy is effective in groups to diminish anxiety in young people (Dumtrache 2013). 

Movie Therapy is not an accredited psychotherapy. However, significant research and evidence have been developed, with healthcare professionals worldwide practising the treatment modality as part of mental healthcare plans. A Professional Directory of movie therapists is available at https://www.cinematherapy.com created by Dr. Birgit Wolz.

Movie Therapy can also be self-administered. Talking about a movie with us or friends can be a simple way to create awareness of your mental health and well-being. Movie Therapy is an expressive form of therapy like Music Therapy, that offers self-awareness, transformation, healing and growth through the creative medium of film storytelling.

Kathryne Guestre, Movie Health Partner (from KG Creative Therapy) is qualified to talk to you about our approach to Movie Therapy and a guide for selecting movies. Kathryn has studied both Social Work and Film Studies. She has been an avid filmgoer for years, desiring to combine her equal love and passion for the art of film with her enthusiasm for the humanitarian field and spirituality.

If you enjoy watching movies and understanding the metaphors behind stories, Movie Therapy might be great for you.

Telly Moods is a mobile application created by eClapper Projects INC a personalised recommendation service that helps you instantly find movies and TV shows on all existing streaming platforms based on real-time mood analysis. We are partnering with eClapper Projects INC to learn about how people watch movies based on their mood. You can learn more about Telly Moods via our Watch a Movie - Movie Moods - Telly Moods page.

Are you a healthcare professional that would like to talk about your favourite movie and tips for mental health? We would love to hear from you. Please either contact us or book at meeting in the Podcasts page.