One of the key learnings from completing my Mental Health First Aid training is that mental health can be seen as a continuum, ranging from good mental health to mental illness.

Mental illnesses are common in the Australian community. The most recent National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing, a community survey of 5,554 people aged 16-85, living in private dwellings across Australia, found that one in five (21.4%) had a common mental illness (anxiety, affective (mood) disorder or substance use disorder).

1 in 5 Australians = 5.1 Million

47.1% of people who have a common mental illness seek professional help.

59.9% don’t seek professional help

Mental health is a priority. Prevention is critical.

Many healthcare organisations ( support the mental health continuum in Australia. The Government is investing heavily in health-related services. However, we still have a significant treatment gap to fill.

Movie Health

Movie Health lives at the intersection of MoviesMental Health and Movie Therapy.

Mental health and wellness are a top priority for many of us. For Gen Z, who consider their most significant future health concerns, 54% said their top concerns are being emotionally or mentally unwell (e.g. depression.)

Movie Health aims to develop the following, with Gen Z in mind:

  • Support building awareness and research in Movie Therapy* as an alternative therapy for mental health illnesses.
  • Explore the development of a personalised online service that recommends movies based on your mood.
  • A Podcast to interview healthcare professionals and learn about their favourite movies and tips for mental health

Will this work? I don’t know. The only way is to try. It is to test concepts, iterate and learn along the way, be conscious of feedback and measure impact.

We will work to build industry partnerships and sponsors to help us grow a community of support and awareness for mental health and the ways.

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See you at the movies.

-AJ Kennedy

*Note: Movie Therapy (or cinema therapy) is not accredited in Australia. Evidence is available on the use of Movie Therapy in medical journals, and healthcare professionals can undergo training as required to use Movie Therapy as an adjunct or additional tool used in therapy for mental health illnesses.

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